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Moore's Outdoors rock hauling

Albert Moore, RRS

As a Rock Relocation Specialist, Albert's been moving rock from one place to another for a long time! He worked for 20 years with Pine Branch Coal in Eastern Kentucky, operating heavy equipment, and moving a lot of rock.

FAQ: What can you bring me and how will you leave it?

Moore's will bring you rock from Mercer Stone in Harrodsburg, Ky and Caldwell Stone in Danville, Ky. He can bring you the following:  57, 8,4, DGA, CSB, Class I and Riversand.  If you are in need of something else, please call  to discuss it. 

Placement:   Some customers need it dumped, others need it spread.  The access to your property, the ground condition and slope will all affect where and how your rock may be placed. Be sure to consider the trees, powerlines, ditches, culverts and bridges on and around your property when deciding where you need stone. Albert is glad to work with you to try to get it how you want it, if it is possible. 

FAQ: How much can you haul?

We can haul up to 10 ton.  Depending on your situation, you may want to get a larger delivery from someone else. However, many people find that the size of Moore's truck is perfect for many country farm road and driveway situations. 

FAQ: Should I wait until the weather is better?

If the ground is frozen, wet or especially soaked, or your land has special considerations, give us a call anyway! Even if it cannot be done right away, you can be added to the list and get to your project ASAP...Eventually the ground must dry up, right? 

FAQ: I'm not sure what type of rock I need...?

It's hard to know what size when you don't deal with rock all the time ..We are glad to help you decide what size of Kentucky limestone might best suit your needs. Also, check out the rock pictures below!

FAQ: How much does it cost?

Factors such as: Current stone cost, distance, roads and access to your property will determine the price of your hauled rock.  When you get in touch with us, we can get you  a price asap. 

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Albert is our go-to-guy.  He is reliable and does good work at a reasonable price. We will always call him first.  Dan J. - Burgin Ky

Albert Moore is a great guy willing to go the extra distance to make sure his customers are happy.  He brought me many loads of gravel for my barn and was able to work with dumping a few loads inside and where else needed.  I couldn't have asked for anything else.  He is a very hard worker and I am assured he will do a great job for anyone.  I recommend him to everyone. Travis M. - Salvisa, Ky


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